IT Factor

Let me tell you something for nothing. You probably have the concept of what a brand is all fucking wrong. It's not the brand colours, fonts, logos, uniforms.. do they play a small part yes but honestly you could have NONE of that and have a Recognisable brand that pops off every time you post an offer.

So what's the secret sauce? Well I'm going to tell you.. introducing IT FACTOR One thing I know is how to build brands that last and have impact. I built a 500k beauty business that had 9 staff, survived 2 years of lockdown and sold for 6 figures. In 9 months I have built a 6 figure business working part time and having time off.

I know how to build brands that have the IT Factor. The brands that get attention straight away but most importantly maintain that attention. I see so many businesses go through waves of eyes on their brand and then months later crickets in the business. Or worse brands who never get a look in at all (this actually breaks my fucking heart to pieces)

Let's have a very REAL conversation what it actually takes to grow and maintain a business that thrives.

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