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Kimberley will help you break down the walls and find out what is stopping you from success.

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Kimberley has given me advice on how to run a sustainable salon aswell as a successful educational program.

Kimberley is my go-to for anything lash related because you just know that any information she gives you, she would have spent plenty of time researching and studying to ensure she gives the most up to date and highest of standard answer.

I couldn’t recommend Kimberley more for any 1:1 coaching you may require within your lash business.


I’m blown away by by this course. I was originally skeptical, purely because I’d have crappy teachers when it came to the beauty world this far, but Kim is something else!!!! She is so full of knowledge and is so supportive. She gives you the confidence boost you need and can see so much potential in everyone. I’ve learnt about my worth and how to price myself so I don’t need to overwork, how to market and brand myself; without trying to fit into your usual beauty standard bubble. I honestly couldn’t recommend this course more! Once I’ve settled in to the new changes, I will 100% be booking a 1 on 1 course with Kimberley to focus on other areas of my business.


Kim has been an absolute asset to my business, 3 years ago she helped me when I first moved my home salon into a shop front and without her guidance and direction I wouldn't be where I am today. Fast forward to now and she has been there every step of the way. From setting prices, ideal target market, social media and so much more!

Kim has the knowledge and is wonderful soul who will do whatever it takes to help you in the best way she can. I would have been lost without her!



Every business owner NEEDS to do this.

I've been training with Kimberley for years when it comes to lash courses and putting myself and my staff through them. When she brought out the 10week business transformation, there would be no-one else that I would be doing it with. I mainly did the course to find out more about the money side of the business, with how much I need to earn and how much I was spending. This course has blown me away, not only have I put money into my savings account since doing this course with the new understanding of money, but Kimberley has gone into topics that I wouldn't have even considered that I needed to think about. The coaching calls during the course, really makes sure that I'm understanding everything and we go into things a bit further. 

She has really changed my mindset with every little aspect of the business and I can't wait to see it flourish when I start to implement everything!

Thankyou Kimberley for your love and care, I appreciate you for your help!

I wish I had a course like this 12 years ago, but it is never too late to start.

The highest version of you awaits! 

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