0 to 10k beauty business foundations by counting on kimberley


Unleash the Possibilities of Online Beauty Education to amplify your income and reclaim your time  

Learn to Create, Launch & Grow your own Online Beauty Education program. A program that attracts your dream clients, gets them REAL results & has them referring you all over the internet! Whilst you reclaim your time and spend less time on the tools!


I know you.. you’re an incredible beauty service provider, & you have so much passion for what you do.

You have plenty of experience working with clients, & you are ready to help others take their lives to the next level by teaching them what you know! You want to empower others & give them new beauty skills that will quite literally change the the trajectory of their fucking lives… *chills that is something special*

Despite all that, you have no idea where to start and often find yourself wishing you had the answers to not only build your program to give full impact to your clients but to attract your dream clients in DROVES to your program.

But if you’re honest, every time you try you end up feeling completely overwhelmed and unable to move. You often feel doubt that you have the unique education to truly help others thrive. Resulting in you either not launching or rushing the launch and your launch completely FLOPPING *que tears* 

Quite frankly, you’re ready to take your beauty business to the level it deserves and have HUGE impact on soul aligned humans that you are deeply craving!

Imagine if things could look completely different for you in 12 months..

What if you could have all the answers to launch your beauty program repeatedly? 

What if it could feel like this.

  • You create beauty programs that give your clients INSANE results and leaving you with incredible testimonials.
  • You convert leads effortlessly.
  • You attract your dream client who are a full FUCK YES when joining your program!
  • Your content speaks volumes to your audience and sales flow in with ease because your strategy is researched and effective.
  • Your content is uniquely YOU which gets you noticed as an authority in the beauty industry
  • You know how to build demand around your launches that has buyers ready and waiting with their credit cards when you launch.
  • You can take a holiday and money will still flow because you have a funnel and recurring revenue doing the work for you giving you back the freedom of your time!

No it isn't a dream, this is my REALITY and it can be yours too.


0 to 10k beauty business foundations by counting on kimberley

In this program, I am going to show you proven strategies to create, launch and grow your beauty programs. This is a repeatable process that takes the deer in headlights feeling away and gives you the power plan the perfect launch to step up as the Authority that you are!

People will tell you:

  • 'Its too crowded'
  • 'It's too hard'
  • 'You don't have enough knowledge'

or some other long list of why you shouldn't become an educator. I'm here to tell you it is closer than you think and with he right plan simpler than you think.

After Passive you will walk away with a plan for multiple platform selling and dominating the beauty industry as the leading expert with confidence!

But don't take my word for it here is what Ash had to say star making 13k in her first launch!

What will we cover?

100 Beauty Industry Course Ideas

Nail your niche course idea! 💄💅 
We will send you an email with the download link.

I have previously run a 500K Lash Academy that ran online courses boasting multiple awards for its results and customer service!

Here’s what I know won't work:

  • Launching without a marketing plan, this is how we launch to crickets.
  • Not knowing your audience and speaking to them in a way that they cannot connect with.
  • Guessing your way through setting up, designing and launching your program
  • Launching to a cold audience.. frankly no one will buy if they are not primed to purchase and already drooling or your offer before you launch.

These cycles are going to keep you exactly where you are, in a cycle of tress and feeling like you don't have the answers you need.

What does the program include:

  •  The exact process to create, launch & grow your beauty education program that allowed me to make 500K in 1 year.
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls
  • Exclusive insight into the behind the scenes of Counting On Kimberley (weekly access to Kimberley!)
  • 12 Months in the course & support (this is the BIGGEST game changer without long term coaching myself I wouldn't be where I am today)
  • We start November 1st and you have 12 months access


Select one of our payment options below! 

VIP Upgrade

Includes 3x 1 hour coaching sessions with Kimberley

(Valued at $599 each - that's a $498 bonus)

Must be used in the 12 month period

Select one of our payment options below! 

You can either…

  • Option A - you continue to not make moves on your passion or launch to crickets until you give up on your purpose because you don't have the right tools to succeed.

  • Option B - you take back your power and learn EXACTLY what it takes to have 5-6 figure launches that allow you to teach others what your soul knows it's meant to teach. Ultimately giving you time, freedom, purpose and financial security.


You deserve to have the business you dream of, All you need is the tools to help you showcase what you have to offer. PASSIVE EDUCATORS is the bridge you need to step into the educator you know you are! Did I mention this program has limited seats?

Don't sleep on this!